Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Articles On Black Blogs Being Discriminated Against on the Democrat Convention Floor

This post will maintain a running list of articles about this living, evolving piece of history in the making:

Racial make-up of Democratic convention bloggers criticized

Bloggers of the ‘afrosphere’ think they’ve been shut out of the Democratic National Convention

Tech President:

Last week we reported that the DNCC had chosen its “State Blogger Corps” for the Democratic National Convention. Now some are taking issue with the lack of minority representation in that list. Francis L. Holland writes that he’s “concerned that virtually all of the state blogs selected by the Democratic National Committee to cover Denver are white.”
How should DNC blogger corps credentialing reflect diversity of blogosphere?

Bloggers at the Democratic National Convention – Is it an accurate representation?

DNCC Announces Blogger Credentialing Process (11/13/2007)

Democratic National Commitee Leaves Black Bloggers Off The Invited ...
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Saturday Night Blog Update (or Why Specialize?)